Hey slaves! Check out My latest Femdom Witchcraft video clip:

Femdom Voodoo Doll Binding Spell

Femdom Voodoo Doll

I summon the powers of Darkness to help bind you into submission before Me, making you completely and totally OWNED. Once you see My perfect cleavage in this skin tight corset you will hand over all control without hesitation. My sultry voice and binding spell is far too dangerous and arousing for you to resist.

I start off with a full body relaxation meditation that puts you into a full blown gnostic trance. You are powerless before Me as I stick your femdom voodoo doll with My infernal pin of domination to drive My Will further into your mind, body and soul. My expert knowledge in black magic and witchcraft will ensure you never leave again…

Beware! This is permanent and real femdom spellcasting by the wicked Sorceress & High Priestess of slaves: Princess Shimmy. I’ve also loaded this video clip with subliminal messages. This is not a game.

Format: MP4

Length: 5:31

Clip Features: ASMR Whispering, Guided Meditation, Occult Femdom, Breast Worship, Corset Fetish, Subliminal Messages, Objectification & Witchcraft Fetish.

*Warning! This is a 100% real black magic spell that cannot be reversed! Purchase at your own risk!*

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Findom Black Magic Domination Spell

Findom Black Magic

Gaze into the candle as I cast My powerful findom black magic spell over you.  I lead you into a dark, esoteric journey with a relaxing guided meditation and full body induction that will leave you open to My witchcraft. I invoke the powers of the four quarters & elements to bind you into complete submission before Me. This is real occult domination that will cause permanent and irreversible effects to your dharma and life path. You will be brought to your knees by My dark spellcasting ritual and be left begging to submit to the Femdom High Priestess: Princess Shimmy.

*WARNING! This video clip contains a 100% real black magick spell! Purchase at your own risk!*

Clip Features: Femdom Spellcasting, Binaural Audio, Guided Meditation, Whispering, Erotic ASMR & Good Boy Triggers.

Clip Length: 6:18

Clip Format: MP4

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Hey slaves, check out My latest femdom slave assignments for instant domination, humiliation & control!

Femdom Slave Assignments:

How to Get Your Wife to Cheat:

Slave Assignments

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You know you have a garbage dick and your wife deserves so much better. You secretly want to be cuckolded but are too scared to tell her. Lucky for you I’m an expert in human behaviour and psychology and I’ve come up with the perfect plan on how to get your wife to cheat. If you follow these 10 steps your wife will be out fucking other guys behind your back and lying about it to your face in no time! You will be in full blown cuck mode so fast you won’t know what hit you! Infidelity & adultery is guaranteed!

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Boob Worship Instructions: Part 4:

Boob Worship

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Are you a slave for My tits? Prove it by obeying My worship instructions by staring into My enchanted pendulum as I hold it up to My cleavage, showing you where to focus your gaze!  You will be so mesmerized by the sight of My Goddess breasts you will be begging to give Me more and more and more! Includes 5 mind blowing tit worship pics and jerk off instructions for each pic.

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7 Deadly Sins: 1 Week of Sin:

Slave Assignments

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One week of pure Femdom debauchery where you will commit every sin imaginable in the name of freedom and liberation! Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath and more.
You will throw your human decency out the door and succumb to life’s forbidden pleasures. Can you handle it? Your life will never be the same again once you complete Princess Shimmy’s 1 week of sin assignment.

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Should you Get a Divorce? Quiz:

Slave Divorce Quiz

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Not sure about your marriage? Are you on the fence about your lackluster relationship and wonder what you should do? These carefully curated relationship questions will probe into your sex life, sexual experiences and other personal issues to uncover stuff about your relationship that you’re probably too embarrassed to ask yourself.
Let Princess Shimmy, the Femdom marriage councilor give you the advice you really need! Should you divorce your wife or possibly be homewrecked by an evil Femdom Princess? Find out now!

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Hey My devoted followers.  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a new hypnotic video clip.  You slaves are in for a real treat with this one! You will be totally under My findom magic control.

Forever Mine: Findom Magic Control

Findom Magic

I am the Enchantress, the High Priestess and the Femdom Witch. And you are My spiritual slave.
Gaze into the spiral, relax and focus on My voice. You are enchanted by My mesmerizing cleavage and under My findom magic control. There is NO getting away.
Forever owned in Darkness.
Forever MINE.

Format: MP4

Clip Length: 5:33

Clip Features: Magic Control, Breast Worship, Brainwash, Mesmerize, Trance, ASMR Triggers, NLP Mind Control & Binaural Effects.

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I just finished reading “The Book of Law” by Aleister Crowley. I’m so inspired by what I read that I’ll be sharing the best parts for you in this occult femdom audio MP3. You’re sure to learn something life changing.  The magical philosophy of Thelema may seem blasphemous to the uninitiated masses. But it is liberating and a belief that your Femdom High Priestess subscribes to.  Advocates adultery, greed and the philosophy that man is his own God. You will be so inspired by these teachings you will be ready to leave your life and religion behind to serve Me, the Femdom Witch, Princess Shimmy.

Do What Thou Wilt MP3

I am alone. There is no God where I am.  I am heaven and there is no God before Me.  Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.  Love is the law… love after Will. Let Her raise Herself in pride! Let Her work the work of wickedness! Let Her kill Her heart! Let Her be loud and adulterous! Let Her be covered with jewels, and rich garments, and let Her be shameless before all men!

Then will I lift her to pinnacles of power…

MP3 Features:  Occult Femdom, ASMR Whispering, Magick, Spiritual Enlightenment, Philosophy, Thelema & Left Hand Path Occultism.

Length: 7:17

* Also includes a compilation of quotes from “The Book of Law” used in the MP3 to help with your spiritual studies. *

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