Hey subhumans,

I’m so pleased to show off the extreme findom 90k milestone one of My top money slaves has surpassed.  That’s 90 fucking thousand dollars CASH MONEY for Princess Shimmy on NiteFlirt, My cut.  So if I were to count NiteFlirt fees (30%) he’s spent waaay over 100k… but of course I only care about what I got on My end.

Can’t wait for that 100k milestone.  And I know he can’t wait too because that’s the power I have.

This is real findom. This is real sacrifice and slavery.  Eat your hearts out, money slave wannabees.

Side note, isn’t it kinda funny he’s never even called Me? Not even once? Haha!


If there is any questions about it, yes I have acquired this slave by using Black Magick.  He’s been spiritually bound to pay Me through no one else’s will other than My Own.


That’s it for now.

Findom Black Magick

Hey slaves,

So I’ve decided to throw you a bone and share some of My beach vacay photos.  OMG, I had THE BEST time ever!! Stayed at a 5 star resort (obviously) and had My own private on the water bungalow. It was so beautiful and romantic.  Totally worth every penny… of YOUR money! 😘

It’s fun for Me to think of you slaves waking up in freezing cold weather at the ass crack of dawn to go bust your ass off at work, while I sit back lounging on the beach sipping piña coladas! 😂

Ah the life of a 9-5 work slave. 😉 Hey, well at least you get to be a part of My life and serve Me in such an exquisite way – FINANCIALLY of course.  You worship with your wallet.  You prove your submission with money.  And you fucking love it, don’t you My little worker bees?

You work so that I don’t have to… and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Findom PrincessWorship Princess for all Her Greatness, My little peons!
Findom PrincessLounging on My on the balcony of My on the water bungalow. Only the BEST for Princess!
Findom PrincessStunning view from My room.  Imagine waking up every morning to THIS!
Findom PrincessCathedral ceilings in My private bungalow.
Findom PrincessYou love paying for My luxury accommodations. It’s money well spent.
Beach-Vacay-Findom6*Muawwwh!* Wish you were here!!…. NOT!! 😂
Findom PrincessFlawlessly clear turquoise waters and sandy beach toes.
Findom PrincessSandy toes… which lucky foot bitch is going to clean them off? Haha, you WISH!
Foot FetishPrincess’ vacay mani and pedi at the resort pool.

Well, that’s about all I’m willing to share with you for free. If you want more you can purchase My beach vacay photosets from ControlFetish.com and NiteFlirt.  I prefer you buy it from ControlFetish though, because I earn the full amount when you spend on there. 💰

You can thank Me for these beautiful pics by sending Me some amazon.com gift cards to: shimmy-email

Hey boys, Princess is back from Her beach vacay!! Did you miss Me?? 😀

Lucky for you all, you get to take part in all of this by worshiping from afar!

Here are 3 new Photosets for you to bow to and WORSHIP!

Beach Vacay Worship Part 1

Findom Princess Shimmy’s beach vacay worship photo set. You slaves are so lucky to have the opportunity to worship and adore Me as I enjoy the hot sun and turquoise blue ocean as you freeze and bust your ass off at work! Here’s 10 photos of Me in My itty bitty bikini top & black evening gown dress that will make you realize your role life as a lowly 9-5 work slave who exists to serve this spoiled Femdom Princess!

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Beach Vacay Worship Part 2

10 pics of Princess Shimmy in Her tiny bikini top lounging under the hot sun on the beach and lounging around Her private bungalow. Come PAY to worship and be a part of something that you working class slaves can only dream of! You work hard so Princess can kick Her feet up and enjoy the fruits of YOUR labour!

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OR get it on NiteFlirt

Buy from Princess Shimmy through Niteflirt.com

Beach Feet Foot Worship

Beach feet foot worship photoset. Come worship My pink pedicured sandy toes in these pics taken from My beach vacay. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to worship My Princess feet while I relax on vacation. Come bow down to My spoiled Princess feet now. **15 PICS INSIDE!!**

Buy it from ControlFetish.com (I earn the most here)

OR get it on NiteFlirt

Buy from Princess Shimmy through Niteflirt.com


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You boys better be grateful I went out of the way to make sure I get the biggest cut of your money and spend there! Some of you have been surprised to find out that I build and maintain My websites on My own. It’s true, I do. Would you expect anything less of Me? I’m THE BOSS!

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