Where are all My little sock sniffing slaves at?!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a pair of My super intoxicating socks so you boys are in for a treat! I just listed a pair of My sweaty, smelly ankle socks on ebanned that I’ve worn camping and beyond!

Once you get a whiff of these socks, you’ll fall straight down onto your knees in humble worship of My holy foot stink! It’ll be like you died and went straight to foot bitch heaven! But don’t take it from Me… scroll down to read the testimonial from a slave who won a sneaker auction of Mine and almost got caught with the shoes by his Mom because they smelled so strong! LOL!


Read about the webcam worship session he had with them on Chastity Princess!

Hahaha! Hilarious! And to think… this could be YOU!  Don’t miss out, there’s only less than 7 days, so bid now or regret this for the rest of your life!



So, someone has finally done it!  Slave ed, My infamous voodoo doll slave has been the first to have the “balls” to sign My black magick Sell Your Soul to Princess Pact.

Several boys have purchased this pact but totally PUSSIED out when it came to actually signing it! LMAO! It was *that* hardcore! May I mention it isn’t selling for cheap either!

Here’s the description:

Are you ready to make the ULTIMATE sacrifice for Princess Shimmy?
I’m taking you deeper into the darkness than you ever imagined.  Follow the ritual instructions and sign the enclosed black magick pact to cement your fate as Mine, for the rest of eternity! Once your soul belongs to Me, I’m free to do with it whatever I please, so just know there is absolutely no going back from this once it’s done! This is NOT a game boys, make sure you’re very serious about relinquishing control over your most precious possession… your immortal SOUL!

*This PTV contains two worship photos!*

WARNING! This is a real black magick ritual which will cause the permanent loss of your soul.  This pact cannot be broken under any circumstances.

Get it here.

Femdom-PactThe unholy pact has been signed. Want to read the pact for yourself? Buy it!
Slave ed's set up to conduct My real "Sell your Soul to Princess" ritual.Slave ed’s set up to conduct My real “Sell your Soul to Princess” ritual.
Femdom-Pact3Slave ed’s worship altar, where he keeps the pact as a constant reminder.

I’m so pleased with slave ed’s progress into becoming My spiritual slave.  Ever since he became My voodoo doll bitch I knew he was destined to become the first person to sign the pact.  You see, this was a destiny thing for him.  Call it fate… or a life calling.  Slave ed is obeying a higher authority now, which is Me.  And there is no escape from it.

Findom-Voodoo-Victim1Slave ed’s custom voodoo doll, made by yours truly.
Slave ed's custom voodoo doll, made by yours truly.The black candles represent control and domination.  The red symbolizes love and obsession.  The green candle symbolizes financial submission.
Slave-Ed-VoodooImagine being at the mercy of My hands, like bitch boy ed here…

Bye for now, My little peons…

xoxo Princess Shimmy


Wow! Can you believe I’ve only posted what? 2 blogs in the last 2 years? I really let this blog slip! You poor, poor bitches!
Don’t worry My little fuck puppets, I’m back to blogging again. There have been numerous new blog updates on Chastity Princess including free chastity tips, the down low on a webcam humiliation session with Me and a hilarious post from “mommy’s wimpy boy” who completed My Chastity Hell Week assignment!

One thing that’s been holding Me back in terms of blog updates on here is the fact that I have SO MUCH stuff to catch up on! I’ve drained thousands and thousands of dollars and received hundreds of gifts from My obedient pets that I still have yet to post.  I will get to all that one day, in the mean time lets focus on My epic last two days on NiteFlirt, shall we?

So what’s the grand total? Over $5200 in financial domination rapings!

My slaves LOVE to empty their accounts on Me and go on huge binge spending extravaganzas! It’s so exciting for them, to be sent a seductive, teasing ptv after ptv by Me! The party doesn’t stop until credit cards get declined! LMAO!

$1897 *MY CUT* on NiteFlirt$1897 *MY CUT* on NiteFlirt
Aaaand $2032 *My cut* again!Aaaand $2032 *My cut* again!
Love it, losers!Love it, losers!
Princess Shimmy approved! Hahaa.Princess Shimmy approved! Hahaa.
And let's not forget this sexy lil $300 money order. Love, love, love it, bitches!And let’s not forget this sexy lil $300 money order. Love, love, love it, bitches!

Boom! Take that, bitch! Nice comeback post, eh? ;)

Ta ta, for now!

xoxox Princess Shimmy


Sooo, newsflash! Bitch john is gay – in case you couldn’t already tell *eye rolls.*

Mmm, yummy dicksMmmmm, yummy dicks

That’s why he never has any girlfriends.

I’ve recently upgraded him to having fantasy boyfriend — of the plastic kind.

Meet Jamal; I picked him out for john when I sent him out on a little trip to his local sex shop, with his smartphone in hand.

This is him basically sinking to new depths of depravity.  A whole new low. Long gone are the days where prancing around in women’s panties and lingerie was enough. Oh no.  Bitch john needed to sink deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of humiliation.  He’s gone so far down that hole he has no hope of getting back out and living a “normal life.”

He needs the humiliation now… it’s the only thing that turns him on, lol.

Slave HumiliationBitch john’s new BF.

I also had a good laugh and was really impressed by all the effort you girls put into another one of My not so recent PTV assignments, “Humiliating Homemade Chastity Cage.”

… For broke bitches on a budget!
You are too much of a loser to afford a *real* chastity cage so I am going to show you how you can disable your dick using tools found right in your own home! Feel super humiliated while kissing your boner goodbye! Follow the series of instructions and complete this assignment to entertain Princess with some major laughs while your dick suffers.

Click on the pictures below to view the full sizes.

Don’t forget to click on the pics to view the full size versions- just don’t get too hard staring at those crotches.

xoxo Princess Shimmy.


Heeey bitches… OMG! What is this?? Could it be… a new blog post?! Haha.

That’s correct, I’m about to throw you losers a bone, so open wide.

2012 is over and what an amazing year this was for Me.  Not only did I make more money than I did last year I’ve also had some major accomplishments.  Purchasing My first home (with a 20% down payment), buying a brand new luxury sedan right off the lot, going on vacay in Europe for a month, I did this all with *minimal* updates both blog and clips wise.

You see My little underlings, I don’t need to pump out content like a fetish factory in order to take what I rightfully deserve.  I’m just Me… that’s My little formula.  You love Me.  You love My brand of abuse.  You love My not so flashy “in your face” style of dominance.  I’m subtle… I’m mysterious and demure.

You’re addicted to it and can’t get enough.

I was looking back at My 2012 blog posts and realized that yup, I didn’t even do one single gift post this year.  Not one! That’s how quickly this year went by for Me.  So here we go, a little recap of some of the gifties I’ve received this year.

To be precise, right as of this moment we’re at 1097  1102 purchased items so far!


Okay… I don’t even think that’s even a quarter of all the gifts I’ve received in 2012. If I try to be overly meticulous with posting everything I will never get this blog post done and that would just suck too hard for you.

In My next blog post I’ll be posting some of My recent slave conquests and a few other updates… stay tuned.

xoxo Princess Shimmy