New Site! Introducing:

Femdom Witchcraft: Occult Femdom Fetish by Princess Shimmy.

Spellcasting, Interactive Rituals, Slave Pacts and Contracts, Curses, Tarot Readings and Divination… and more!  Femdom Witchcraft is My blog where I will be posting My latest Magickal feats and updates. Not for the faint of heart, or religious!

I created Femdom Witchcraft & Occult Femdom as a way to merge My passion for the esoteric mysteries with domination.  I love pushing the envelope and creating things that have never been seen anywhere in the Femdom world.  I’m channeling divine inspiration directly from the Spirits and bringing it here to Malkuth in order to expand My dominion over this plane.

In terms of spirituality, I am My own master and don’t believe in bowing to some other “God.”  I believe there is no greater God than Myself and that what which I am becoming through the process of Spiritual Illumination and Self Deification.

So where do you fit into all of this?

You are My spiritual target practice.

You are nothing but a tool and a stepping stone for Me.  A spiritual servitor that exists to further My agenda.  I bind you to My Will using Black Magick and employ whatever forces I deem necessary to get what I want.  I intend to perfect My skills as a Sorceress and what better way to do that than with you?



Do you have what it takes to be put on display as My epic bitch? How far are you willing to go to degrade yourself for My amusement? Do you want to go down in history as the biggest loser on Earth?

Today you will be auditioning for My Femdom Freakshow by sending Me the most humiliating pictures you can possibly imagine. I give you several humiliating photo ideas but in the end it’s up to you to follow through! Know that I only accept the most jaw dropping, LOL-worthy slave pictures. So, you better make it good if you want to be put on parade for the WHOLE WORLD to see on Princess Shimmy’s Femdom Freakshow!

WARNING: Any photos you send Me may be posted to the internet!! By sending Me photos you are giving Me permission to post it IF and WHEN I want! However, you may request that I blur/censor your face.

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Ever heard of a “Devil’s Toybox?” Legend has it that you can trap spirits inside a box with inwards facing mirrors.  Now just think to yourself for a second: If you can do that with spirits, imagine what I can do WITH YOU?

I’ve created My very own adaption of this box in order to bind you to My will and subjugate you to My  dark commands.  The mirrors act as an amplifier that will echo the reality that I have constructed for you, for infinity and beyond.  The powers of sacred geometry are evoked through this box as well, making this a wickedly powerful tool in My spiritual arsenal.

If you thought you’ve been “owned” before, you’ve never even come close to experiencing the effects of this.  I can use this box to implant any thought or suggestion into your head and have it echoed through the mirrors of eternity.  All I need to do is place your picture inside the box and create a symbol of My Intent.

Upon paying for this PTV you will be allowed to send Me a picture of yourself as well as a request of what thought or command you want amplified.  Would you like to be made into a zombiefied submissive that obeys My every command? Should I make it so that you’re obsessed with Me and think of Me day and night?

Or perhaps you want to develop an addiction for cock and be forced to live life as a gay man because I can do that too. Anything is possible with Princess Shimmy’s Devil’s Toybox.  The next step is to pay.

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Surrender yourself to the Will of My dark spirit allies as they abuse you through My Femdom Ouija Board. I’ve designed this board to act as a medium between Me, you and the spirit world to humiliate you and make you obey.
Print off the enclosed board and planchette from your computer. You will use it just like a regular Ouija board except this is for the sinister purpose of turning you into a complete and total bitch for Me and the spirits. It contains 10 abusive commands along side the standard alphabet and numbers layout.
When the spirit moves the planchette on one of three worded commands, you will obey- or else!
This is the kinda stuff that urban legends are made of and you will NOT find anything like this anywhere else. Play at your own risk… if you dare!

*Warning! For entertainment purposes only! I am not responsible for any hauntings or negative effects that may occur as a result of using this board.*

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Marriage Blasphemy Ritual
**WARNING! This is a real black magick ritual that cannot be undone!**
Come spiritually deride your marriage with this shockingly sinister ritual. By performing this ritual you will create a permanent rift in the fabric of reality that holds your relationship together. I provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to conduct this unholy sacrament to curse your relationship! Your marriage will never be the same again.

This is great for slaves who crave to be single but are too afraid of leaving their spouse. I promise you will feel totally liberated once it’s all said and done. Come perform My Marriage Blasphemy ritual to free yourself so you can serve Demoness Princess without restriction!

Ass in Your Face Photoset
4 extreme ass POV ass worship pics that will make you feel as if you were right there in person, bowing to My ass! I’m wearing a sexy pink nighty, pink heels and a sexy multi-colored G-string!  Come take a look!

School Girl Worship Photoset

6 super hot pics of Princess Shimmy in a red plaid mini skirt, silky satin panties and white thigh high socks. Come bow to Me and worship now!

Pics Feature: Ass Worship, Legs Worship, POV Ass Worship, Socks Fetish.

School Girl Worship Photoset 2
5 seductive pics of Princess Shimmy in a plaid “school girl” mini skirt, blouse and panties. You’ll be in ass and boob worship heaven with this one, you need this NOW!

Pics Feature: Ass Worship, Boob Worship, Upskirt, Panty Fetish.