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You can now buy My slave humiliation assignments & tasks, femdom spells, fetish audio MP3s, pics and MORE from Me direct!

Princess Shimmy’s Humiliation Store
You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover or JCB. I’ve also added the option to pay with Bitcoin or Litecoin if you’re a cryptoslave!
This site is 100% owned and operated by Me – which means I get the FULL amount when you spend on

You boys better be grateful I went out of the way to make sure I get the biggest cut of your money and spend there! Some of you have been surprised to find out that I build and maintain My websites on My own. It’s true, I do. Would you expect anything less of Me? I’m THE BOSS!

I have so much sexy content on there… what’s best is it gives you the opportunity to serve Me instantly. You will be able to obey My worship commands, follow My humiliating femdom instructions, get brainwashed and controlled by My MP3s and of course, fall victim to My Black Magick Spells!
So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge into the submissive abyss now!

Hey puppets!

I’m sooo excited to reveal My super DANGEROUS new Femdom Witchcraft video clip! I only produce a small handful of video clips every year, so be sure to collect them all! This is definitely one of the best video clips I’ve EVER made… and one of the most powerful. So beware!

Permanent Chastity Spell

Permanent Chastity Spell
Buy from Princess Shimmy through

I am the Femdom Witch and I command the powers of darkness to possess your cock and possess your mind. You can kiss your sex life goodbye because you will never have sex or stroke again. I drain your cock of all of it’s lifeforce energy and put you under My Permanent Chastity Spell. Day by day the spell gets stronger… day by day your cock gets weaker.


*Warning! This video clip contains a 100% real Black Magick spell that gets stronger and more powerful every time the clip is watched. This can cause permanent effects that CANNOT be reversed!*

*Listen to this with headphones on to experience the Binaural Mindfuck effects*

Format: MP4

Length: 6:15

Clip Features: Femdom Witchcraft, Femdom Spells, Black Magick, Spells & Curses, Chastity Slavery & Tit Worship.

You have 3 options on where to buy:

1.) Preferred: Buy it from Me direct via (I earn the FULL amount when you use this option!)

2.) Second Best Option: Purchase it from NiteFlirt using the button below.  Don’t have an account? Sign up with this link and get 3 minutes free!

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3.) Lastly, this clip is also available via My Clips4Sale Store.

Hey slaves!

I have a new Findom Phone Chat option, where you can call & submit to Me live over the phone!  This is Findom Phone Sex… done My way!

Findom Phone Sex

I love chatting with My submissive slaves live over the phone. It gives you a chance for one on one interaction with Me and customized slave training.

When you call, I expect you to be on your knees preferably naked and vulnerable, ready to obey My every command. Know that I only accept the most obedient and ass kissing slaves. I also expect complete and total gratitude for any interaction you have with Me.

In other words, I want you to be My personal ass kisser, and be grateful for it!

Phone minutes must be purchased ahead of time via

Fetishes we can talk about are:

Financial Domination, Chastity Keyholding, Sissification, Humiliation, Cuckolding, Masturbation Instructions, Occult Goddess Worship, Money Slavery, Guided Meditation, Orgasm Reprogramming, Gay Humiliation, Small Penis Humiliation, Cum Eating Instructions, JOI, Public Humiliation, Slut Training, Total Power Exchange, Femdom Witchcraft, Black Magick Spells and more.

Financial Domination Phone Sex


Hey My little fuck puppets!

Good news! Being the fucking BOSS that I am, I’m now able to process Visa, Mastercard, Discover and JCB! I created My very own clips store where you will be able to buy My Fetish Findom Video clips from Me directly so I get the biggest cut!


So, of course I prefer you buy My clips from there! I’m even accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin payments, for those of you who use crypto.  Thank Me for going out of My way to make sure I get the biggest cut of your money and make sure most of your hard earned cash goes right where it belongs… TO MY BANK ACCOUNT!



New Site! Introducing:

Femdom Witchcraft: Occult Femdom Fetish by Princess Shimmy.

Spellcasting, Interactive Rituals, Slave Pacts and Contracts, Curses, Tarot Readings and Divination… and more!  Femdom Witchcraft is My blog where I will be posting My latest Magickal feats and updates. Not for the faint of heart, or religious!

I created Femdom Witchcraft & Occult Femdom as a way to merge My passion for the esoteric mysteries with domination.  I love pushing the envelope and creating things that have never been seen anywhere in the Femdom world.  I’m channeling divine inspiration directly from the Spirits and bringing it here to Malkuth in order to expand My dominion over this plane.

In terms of spirituality, I am My own master and don’t believe in bowing to some other “God.”  I believe there is no greater God than Myself and that what which I am becoming through the process of Spiritual Illumination and Self Deification.

So where do you fit into all of this?

You are My spiritual target practice.

You are nothing but a tool and a stepping stone for Me.  A spiritual servitor that exists to further My agenda.  I bind you to My Will using Black Magick and employ whatever forces I deem necessary to get what I want.  I intend to perfect My skills as a Sorceress and what better way to do that than with you?